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Ernesto "Che" Guevara WebQuest
Welcome to the Ernesto "Che" Guevara WebQuest!
I'm anxious for you to learn about this
fascinating figure of world history.
Be sure to check out everything about his life.

Ernesto "Che" Guevara de la Serna
Love, Hate and Conflict
A WebQuest

by Or Burla -

" Ernesto "Che" Guevara was the most complete human being of our age."
(Jean Paul Sartre)

"I could write a thousand years and a million pages about Che Guevara."
(Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

(Che, out of "Motorcycle Diaries" (notas de viaje), his book about his journey through Latin America, 1953 - 1956, Ocean Press, Australia, 2003.)

"Let us be realists, and try the impossible."


What does Guevara`s memory offer the world today? Perhaps primarily his personal example, his Arthurian qualities, that remarkable determination to struggle and sacrifice for a set of beliefs. In an age when license and personal advantage continually dominate other considerations in private and public life, Guevara`s disdain for any reward but the victory of his ideals, his insistence upon discipline, especially for himself, his obliviousness to discomfort and danger in the pursuit of what he believed to be right surely be inspiring regardless of how one evaluates the philosophy that impelled him. (out of: The Fall of Che Guevara, Henry Butterfield Ryan, New York, Oxford University Press, 1998)

You are about to enter History and one of its most fascinating persons. In this assignment your group will discover Che Guevara and use the Internet as your tool for exploring Che. Each student has a different task in the group.

Each team of students/ pupils will be made of

  1. A Photographer (like Che was)
  2. An Author (like Che was)
  3. A Researcher (like Che was)
  4. A Doctor (like Che was)

Each student/ pupil will take on a different task (See the Task Team List for details)

Task Team List/ Questionnaire-Guideline/ The Process/ Checklist / Rubric


  1. You must gain as much knowledge as possible about Che Guevara's life and the reasons for his decision to drop medicine and become a revolutionary. Find passages about his love for mankind, his disdain for money and his strong antipathy towards the USA.
  2. Find poems he wrote or were written about him and describe his inner conflict or the conflict he still arouses in people who learn about him.
  3. Read his diaries as well as other testimonies and answer at least three of the questions below.
  4. Think also about his relevance for today's world.
  5. Visit recommended sites and do some research on your own.
  6. Each Team Member is responsible for a different task and will do research on different material. Check out the Task Team List to find detail about your part in this WebQuest.
  7. Be sure to use the WebQuest Checklist at the end of your journey and make sure that you included all the required tasks for your representation!!!

  1. The Photographer is responsible for detecting on the web-sites at least eight pictures taken of Che, as well as writing below them a short description about when they were taken and who is seen on that picture together with Che.
  2. The Author is responsible for finding at least five books written about Che or written by Che himself . The author should quote important passages from them. (One passage from each book.)
  3. The Researcher is responsible for finding songs and poems written about Che (at least one song and at least one poem) or written by Che himself. The Researcher shall quote the whole song in English as well as one whole poem. He should also find out who wrote the song and the poem he found.
  4. The Doctor is responsible for revealing details about Che`s health. He should also give information about what Che, as a young revolutionary doctor, did or wrote about.

The following questions are GUIDELINES for the TEAM
(The team does not need to know all the answers, but use them as a structured link to for each and everyone's presentation.)

  1. How old was Che when he was killed?
  2. Why was he killed?
  3. Who killed him?
  4. Che came from an aristocratic family. Give a few facts about his background, especially his father and mother. The latter used to function as his teacher for a few years, because of his severe asthma.
  5. Che was Argentinean. Why did he become a Cuban hero?
  6. When did Ernesto turn into "Che" and what is the meaning of this nickname?
  7. Che Guevara was an obsessive reader. Which books did influence him? State at least two.
  8. Che was an addicted diarist throughout his life; which books that were diaries came out in book-form?
  9. When and why did Che worked for his living as a street photographer? Did he also make photographs in Bolivia shortly before his death?
  10. Is there a connection between Ernest Hemingway and Cuba?
  11. Che took part in the Hemingway Fishing Competition. When did this occur? Who was with him on the boat?
  12. Is Che Guevara still relevant today? What is your personal opinion?
  13. When and under which circumstances did he meet his second wife, Aleida March?
  14. What are his children's names, how old are they, what is their profession and where do they live today?
  15. Try to find recent interviews with his oldest daughter with his second wife Aleida March; her name is Aleida Guevara March.


After you have used the questions above as a guide, your assignment shall be completed over a period of four lessons.

  1. Choose one role (either being the Photographer, the Researcher, the Author or the Doctor)
  2. Your team shall make up a list of what is already known to you about Che Guevara`s person - use the questionnaire above as a guideline
  3. Your team shall make up a list of what each team member has to find out.
  4. You shall start your discovery as soon as you have a list.
  5. Your team shall then check the Internet. See for the URL`s (the list below) I have already found for you on the net. See which sites are appropriate for your tasks.
  6. As soon as your work is progressing, ask your teacher to see it, before you present it.
  7. Be sure to check the Checklist and the Rubric in order to see if you are on the right path and how your presentation will be graded.
  8. Write the Final Project in Team Work and practice your presentation.
  9. Hand in your Project in writing and do the Presentation and then, if to speak with Che`s words:

Always Onwards to Victory!

List of sites/ recources for information:

Every corner in Che's childhood house in Cordoba, Argentina (photos & letters):


    Che Guevara's assassination was planned from 1959
    along with the destruction of the Cuban Revolution
    because of the example they set in Cuba to the rest of Latin America.


    The man who worked on the orders of the CIA, is speaking about Che's last moments:


    San Ernesto de la Higuera - Che is still a Saint to the Poor he wanted to rescue in Bolivia


    Famous statement by Che Guevara, representing Cuba
    before the United Nations General Assembly ,11 December 1964


    Trailers from the latest film about Che Guevera, by Steven Soderbergh, 2008
    that has won Benicio del Toro the Golden Palm for Best Actor in Cannes, 2008


    A new film by Tristan Bauer, 2009 based on new documents


    Young and adventurous:

    Trailers of the film Motorcycle Diaries, "Diarios de Motorcycleta"
    by Walter Sallas about the first journey of Che and his friend Alberto Granado
    through Latin America, 1952, starring Gael Garcia Bernal as Che:


    in a rare interview in Dublin, Ireland, 1964,
    where he stopped on his way to visting other countries.
    The stewardess of Air-Lingus is functioning as translator:


    Webquest Checklist

    Our team has found out the following information about Commandante Che Guevara:

    Photographer: Found eight photos and wrote a detailed information about them

    Author: Found five books on Che or by Che and quoted essential passages from them

    Researcher: Found song/ poem/s about Che or written by Che and wrote it all down, incl. Who wrote them

    Doctor: Found all the details on Che`s health as well as records of his own medical research or what he wrote on his role as a revolutionary doctor


    Your Presentation will be graded as follows:

    Criteria: Very Good
    100 pts.
    80 pts.
    Some basic information missing
    60 pts.
    Try Again
    0 pts.
    Presented beautifully and met time table

    Good Team-work

    Good Ideas/very creative

    Good research

    Dear Student/ Pupil,

    I hope you enjoyed your research on Che Guevara.

    Answers to all the questions about El Che raised in this WebQuest as well as a complete bibliographical list for the Che Guevara-Webquest can be obtained by emailing me, at

    Thanks for participating!

    "You may cut the flowers, but it will not stop the spring."
    "Podran cortar las flores, pero no detendran la primavera."
    (A saying about El Che's legacy written on many walls throughout Latin America)

  • Copyright - Or Burla
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