Full text of play If you need to copy text, to quote, to search for cenrtain phrases etc, this full text version, both in text and HTML format may be useful . If the server is down, try the link below.
Full text of the play Full text from a link in the Internet Public library. This is an amazing site with full texts of many works of literature. To get to the Reading Room of the public library click here.
Sparks Study Notes This site provides simple notes about each scene and all the characters. It could be useful for students and teachers alike. It is easy to navigate and find the information you need.
The Website of Shkakespeare's Sonnets An aesthetically pleasing, comprehensive site including the texts of all sonnets plus commentary and explanation of archaic words. Also, woodcuts, pictures of London in Will's day.
Shakespeare's "mistakes" in Grammar "Shakespeare didn't observe the rules of grammar because he didn't have them..." -Karl Tamburr, Professor of English at Sweet Briar College. An address at 1994 Opening Convocation . This article puts modern grammar into perspective.
Links to links Pupils, as one of the options in the final project, could create a web page with useful links for anyone doing the project. This will lead you to those sets of links. Each link should have a description of what is to be found in the site. You will probably find that certain sites appear more than once.