AIMS: This site is intended to serve a number of purposes:

 Painting by Ford Maddox Brown: Romeo and Juliet, 1867

  • to explore the possibilities (discover the advantages and disadvantages) of exploting 21st century technology in learning and teaching of the 16th century play -Romeo and Juliet . An attempt will be made to find ways to exploit the internet, e-mail, chat, forms etc. to enhance the learning process

  • to provide a way for members of staff / students to practice their web-building skills.

  • to collaborate with other members of the English staff at the Mae Boyar High School and other teachers in general, in collecting and organizing material and ideas for teaching Romeo and Juliet. We hope to create a very rich and enriching teaching unit with Romeo and Juliet at the center. From this center we plan to branch out into other areas of English learning / teaching using the play as a springboard. This would include short stories , poetry, language, discussion of current affairs, critical film viewing etc., all based on themes / issues that arise from the pla
  • provide a showplace for students' work.
WHAT TO EXPECT from the site:
  • expect openess to experimentation.
  • expect sections to be under construction as the site evolves and changes.
  • expect technical gliches as we learn, knowing that technology changes faster than we can keep up.
  • expect the unexpected.