List of Characters For Romeo and Juliet

Romeo - The male half of the star-struck duo. Romeo is a teenager who falls in love easily and hard. He begins the play deeply enamored of a girl named Rosaline (who never appears on-stage), but this infatuation instantly vanishes when he meets Juliet. His affection for both girls seems to be based primarily on physical beauty, although Juliet's ability to keep up with his quick-witted eloquence surely plays some part in his deeper love for her. His capacity for love allows him to transcend the petty feuding of his family and Juliet's, although he is not above a little swordplay when he thinks it necessary. He shows himself to be a decent swordsman, too; he takes down two trained fencers before the play is through.

Juliet - Romeo's one true love. Juliet is also a highly emotional teenager, though a bit more practical than her eventual husband; she takes care to make sure he means his pretty proclamations of everlasting love and faithfulness. She shares Romeo's tendency to fall into deep fits of depression, as well as his lack of creativity in coming up with any means other than suicide to solve her (admittedly substantial) personal problems.

Friar Laurence - The wise old priest to whom Romeo and Juliet repeatedly turn for ideas other than suicide. Civic-minded, sympathetic, and well-versed in the lore of medicinal plants, the friar is a useful ally for the two lovers.

Nurse - Juliet's second mother and confidant. Vulgar, illiterate, and given to tedious and embarrassing bouts of sentimentality, she always has Juliet's best interests in mind and proves a faithful intermediary for her illicit affair with Romeo. She appreciates a handsome face, a courteous gesture, and the occasional swig of aqua vitae.

Benvolio - Romeo's cousin. A generally practical fellow with a genuine distaste for violence in public places, he is not afraid to fight when he has to (and is reported to have a nasty temper when the watch isn't around to haul him off). He sympathizes with Romeo and spends most of the play trying to get his cousin's mind off Rosaline (even after he's moved on and married Juliet).

Mercutio - Mercurial cousin of Prince Escalus. Sometimes inappropriately comical, sometimes unjustifiably severe, always quick with a pun, Mercutio is Romeo's fiercely loyal best friend. He is somewhat more volatile than his constant companion Benvolio, and is always ready to shoot his mouth off or bare his weapon (literally or euphemistically).

Tybalt - Hot-tempered cousin of Juliet. Tybalt is supremely courteous and genteel, but holds an intense hatred for all Montagues. He is quick to draw his sword on any occasion; even Capulet himself has trouble holding him back.

Capulet - Juliet's father. Old and wealthy, with an unexplained grudge against Montague, he means well and wants the best for his only living child, although he's somewhat oblivious to her actual feelings. He is capable of reason and shows himself to be quite prudent at times, but when he gets an idea in his head, he goes with it no matter what.

Lady Capulet - Juliet's mother. Lady Capulet shares her husband's hatred of the Montagues, and follows his wishes in almost everything. She ruthlessly supports the interests of her family at all times.

Paris - A count of the prince's family, Paris seeks Juliet's hand in marriage. Slightly arrogant at times, he is overall a courteous and well-meaning fellow with genuine feelings for Juliet.

Prince Escalus - The ruler of Verona. A just and equitable man, he hates the way his feuding nobles have been disturbing the peace of his city. He deals well with the loss of two of his relatives.

Montague - Romeo's father. Another wealthy nobleman with a grudge. He is concerned about Romeo, but gives him a good deal of freedom to work through things on his own.

Lady Montague - Romeo's doting mother.

This list has been taken from Sparks Free Online Study Notes