I started teaching this play by first doing Sonnet XVIII (18)and Sonnet CXXX. (130)This prepared the pupils for Shakespearean "sounds" and especially the use of words like "thee, thou, thine, hath, doth etc.

Actually, the following links will not lead you only to assignments but rather to texts from the play, a glossary and a set of ideas for teaching those texts. I have tried to provide a link in each case to a Word version of both the text and the activities so you can download and print them out for use. The layout of the HTML version that you see on your screen came second and consequently the layout is less successful.


Jack Pillemer

assignment 1 Introduction to plot and characters assignment 2 Prologue assignment 3 Capulet's dance scene
assignment 4 Balcony Scene

assignment 5 Till the death of Mercutio and Tybalt

assignment 6 - Prince's speech after death of Tybalt
assignment 7 Juliet's initial reaction to news of Tybalt's death

asignment 8 "Lark and nightingale scene" & Juliet defies her father

Assignment 9 The death of Paris, Romeo, Juliet. Also the final scene
Final Project Portfolio Assignment   yud aleph 4 hannukah day 2 - temporary