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This is a very short play I mean it's so short, = that it has to stand up to sit down. It's so short that it would drown before it realized it was raining. I mean, this play is soooooo short, that if it pulled it's socks up it couldn't find its way to the climax.

It' s about two women who are at the scene of a murdered man's home. The women aren't short, why do you ask? Just the play is. One woman is the wife of the detective, and she's about average height and the other is a neighbor. The male detectives – what? Oh, actually the neighbour's wife is a little on the tall side. Anyway, the men are there to investigate clues to take the wife, who is currently being held in jail, to trial. Eh? Five foot eight. Not the sheriff's wife. I mean, they'd hardly call in a sheriff to take his own wife to jail, would they. The wife of the dead guy. I don't know how f***ing tall she is, she never comes on stage to get measured.

Ahem! The two women, who are confined to the kitchen, find "trufles" of clues the men would never observe which show that the wife has in fact killed the husband, but for GOOD reason. When the men root about, if they do find a trufle, they immediately eat it. Why? They're a couple o' pigs thats why. In fact, they not just pigs, but they are male … chauvinist… pigs, you dig? Now you know the theme of the play. If your man is rooting around for trufles, find a good reason and have him bumped off. The woman find out what happened and decide not to tell the men, who are clueless, boring, and wouldn't know an erogenous zone if it came up and bit them while they was ropin' off the North forty. This is an excellent play written by a woman about the repression of woman while at the same time celebrating their power. You can celebrate too, it's at 9:30 at Susan Glasspel's place. No boyfriends, please. I enjoyed the play immensely. The themes of this are connected to gender questions: why were the women able to find the clues to the murder? (because they're the ones who put stuff away in the clues closet.) Why is the title of the play Trufles? (Because it shows the men in their tru aw-ful colors) Why did the women allow their friend to 'get away with murder?' I mean, her husband strangled her canary, but so what. If this were a shtettle story and the husband had killed her pet chicken to do a Mitzva, the readers would see him as a saint. (unless he was homesteading over the green line). What is the true meaning of TRIFLES once we remove the letter T? Eh? Rifles! Anyone who kills, nay, even speaks sarcastically to his wife's canary should be shot!

What's the deal here? The bozo kills the birdie so it's OK to blow him away? This is what the Dovrat report is telling us to teach our students? How do we know it wasn't just one of those household accidents; maybe he was just trying to take its temperature or something? What if my wife finds out about this play? Already, I leave my cycling shoes on top of the Good tablecloth and its two months of Nida for me. I should consider myself lucky!

Finally, what does this play say about teachers getting away with murder by teaching a play in three hours when All My Sons takes at least 6 weeks, has some good kissing in it -- which makes for some nice rehearsal in the Team meeting, and I get to show my pictures of Marylin Monroe? And if Jim would stand up straight like a mensch for a change, he'd be well over six feet.

Barry Friedan Silverberg
Kiriat Shmona, Sept 2005

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