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Points of Departure: Last Minute Questions and Sample Text for the Bagrut

Dear Etni Types,

I am unable to find the solution to this problem in any of the Inspectorís BULLetins.

A group of five one point students is accidentally instructed to show up for the five point exam. By sheer luck on the listening, with a little help from his friends, and thanks to a blind proctor who got to the exam by following the three dimensional braille symbols from the Summer í99 Bagrut unseen, one of the one points squeezes through the five point by exactly four points. However butt, he has an oral grade for one point which means he can only complement to three points. Can he go for 2 points in Moed Bet, fail on purpose in order to so that his two points will be subtracted from his five points leaving the required three points?

Furthermoreover, can his sister, 4-point student who cheated on the 4 point exam and passed by only five points because she was accidentally handed a five point exam and only did one 4 point composition, do the four point exam in Moed Bet? Is there any point in making it up by taking the two point exam twice? Do two points plus two points make four points? Do you get the point of this riddle? (I donít): "What can take 1 point in the morning, two points for lunch and five points in the evening?"
Answer: A Woman.

Please answer your post quickly as 4 hot tempered 3 pointers are pointing sharp points at my power point. Consequently thus, I may get the points sooner than I expected.

Barry Silverberg

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