MORE INFORMATION To be revealed tonight in Ra'ananan'na Pa'ark.

    In an under-book-cover operation codenamed "Access to Privileged Information," the Tel Aviv Police arrested last night leading executives from the country's hi profile ELT textbook companies who allegedly planted a computer virus known as a 'Trojan' into the language teaching materials of their world famous competitor, Eric Cohen Books.

    Eleven freelancers and six influential 'racazim' - hired by the companies to conduct the industrial espionage - have been arrested in addition to executives from Israel's second most leading ELT producer.

    Senior police officers involved in the investigation told The\ Post that "other Bagrut subjects" were also spied on by the Trojan Book Worm virus. Biology is 'definitely' infected, and there seems to be a problem with Tanach as well, as more than a few students have reported finding the term 'Jesus our Saviour ' generously sprinkled in Leviticus. Police said they had evidence linking the Israeli educational espionage affair to other similar cases across Europe. While they refused to name the companies claiming they had "yet to inform them" of the espionage, they did not deny that a woman named Rivka, manager of a private start- up up- start publishing endeavor, is being held in protective custody.

    While the suspects arrested so far were mostly mid-level executives, police said Sunday they expected the investigation would eventually reach the various echelons of the Ministry of Education and Sport, even as high as the Ministry itself. Chief English inspector Judy Steiner arrived Sunday at police headquarters in Tel Aviv where she was questioned for close to three hours, despite the fact that she claimed to have a psychological evaluation which allowed her an additional time of 25% . Ms Steiner refused to allow the police any access to spoken or written texts.

    "So far, the people at the top claim that they had little or no knowledge of what their subordinates were doing," said head of the Tel Aviv police's Fraud Squad Dep.- Sheriff Goodman. "We can assume these people may have tried to work according to instructions they received from above, but as these became increasingly ambiguous, even contradictory, they were forced to go it on their own.."

    "This is one of the gravest scandals in ...the ELT industry!," said Sgt. Haddad, one of the members of the investigative team, called back to service after years of inactivity.

    Police believe that the plot was set to go off during an impending concert celebrating years of ECB publishing activity. During the concert, a huge lifelike dummy of Rita was to sing her way into the ECB Ra'na'na'na complex. Once inside, the dummy would disintegrate into tens of thousands of Trojans (Choose the correct definition: 1. (N): A citizen of ancient Troy. 2 (NC): a popular contraceptive device. 3 (VT): to warble and add resonance to a popular song ) These would in turn worm their way into the ECB workbooks, eventually causing widespread embarrassment. Sales would plummet, and soon it would be you -know- who-PP sitting in the green glass edifice that dominates the Ra'na'na' skyline.

    Barry 'El Silbo' Silverberg May 30, 2005

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