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Hanukka Mattana \ Simba Pushka
The Material Girl \ Susie Sha'atnezz
They Call the End Levayah! \ Shtreimlich Maneuver
Buy Vests!\ The Sweat Shop Boys
Seal it With a Briss \ The Four Mammas and Three Pappas.
Two Blintzes waiting to Adore you \ Buns and Harrosess
In the Corner Stands the Boxer \ 2-B Shvatty
The Beatel Toras: as seen on the ED SULLUVEICHIK SHOW!
  • All my Lavvim
  • Gevalt
  • She Loves You, A-ba-yeah
  • Fress Today, All My Tsurris Seem so Far Away.
  • I've Got T'feelin, T'feelin I can't hide
  • The Long and Winding Kishkeh

Harrebbia Marley and the Wall Wailers; No yentas, no kvetch
  • Exo-dos, movement of Jew people
  • Rav Shach the Sheriff

Na Nak Nackman at Heaven's Door \ Tam Petty Maamin
Zugst mir vuss du villst, vuss du emmiss emmis vilst \ Schmeiss Girls:
She wore an Itsie Bitsie Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka dot Bikini (So we Threw rocks at her ) \ Tsneeuss Patrol

Don't cry for me Petak Tikva, The Truth is We never Left you
We said our tfillose, and saved our dollahs
We asked Almighty , to end our Gallus! , \ Evitta Mit de Seedah

All that she wants is another seven Babies\ Ace of Base Midrash
Kum on bubbie, light my Menora, \ Gdolei Ha Doors
Aryeh Lonely Tonight \ Shas-ta Rastas
Catch a Falling Schtar, Tanna Como
The Breet Goes On! Brit Spears
Deli Light, Again: \Crepplach, Dills, Knish and Tongue
Get Harready, Here I come! \ The Chicken Soupremes
You Should Keep Your Hat on\Alte Cocker
Waters over Troubled Daughters (When You're in needa, Friend - I'm Standing Right Behind) \ MickVa Jagger
Boy, You're not Gonna Carry that Kleenex \ Torn Eruv
Mamma Mia-mondes (Rambam, Thank you Ma'am) \ AbbA and EmmA

Hagodda Tell Ya. . .
I'm crying from the chrain,
Through my tears, I say, A-main,
Of bread I am bereft, as I lean towards the left,
and I wonder, I wo wo wo wo wonder,
Why, y y y y y -- y is this night,
Is this night different, In so many ways,
from every other day!!

The Rock Opera Tommy Hamikra by the Vooss?
The Rock Opera, Yetser Horra Picture Show
featuring the hit, Let's Do the Ois-vorf Again

Special Section for Festivals:
Six and a Half Days of Love and Music
Featuring your favourite artists!

New Yids on the Block - Frenkim go to Holiland - E.L.O. K.-NU
Herman's Hermenutical Principals - Sly and the Stone Family
Tory Amos and her brother, - Dalet Amos
Hoddie and the Geffilte Fish - Robbie and Robbitzen Williamsburg
And Manny Morr

Featuring : A Wide Selection of Mehitsas, separating men from women, milk from meat,
sheep from goats, BoyzfromMen, and Ashkenazies. . . from other Ashkenazies:

Presented by Barry Silverberg, Kiriat Shmona, Jan 27, 2000

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