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Jerusalem Quiz
created by Judy Freedman -

  1. Who is the mayor of Jerusalem? Uri Lupilianski

  2. What is Givat Hatachmoshet? Site of the biggest battle in 6-day war

  3. Where is Herzl buried? On Har Herzl

  4. Where is the Armenian Quarter? In the old City

  5. Who is Yemin Moshe named after? Moshe Montefiore

  6. What is in the windmill? Montefiore's coach

  7. What is Hechal Shlomo? Seat of the Chief Rabbinate

  8. Where is the Tower of David? On the walls of Jerusalem, by Jaffa gate

  9. What is Yad Vashem? Memorial to the Holocaust

  10. How old is Al-Aksa? about 1360 years old

  11. Which famous hotel was bombed by the Irgun in 1946? K. David

  12. What is the name of the University in Jerusalem? Hebrew University

  13. How many gates does the old city have? 8

  14. What is the symbol of Jerusalem? A lion and olive branches

  15. Name a hospital in Jerusalem. Hadassah, Sharei Zedek, Bikur Holim

  16. How do you say "the kotel" in English? The western wall

  17. What is name of the zoo in Jerusalem? The Biblical "Tanachi" zoo

  18. What is "Ein kerem"? A neighborhood of Jerusalem

  19. Who lives in Meah Shearim? mainly the ultra-orthodox

  20. The Chagall windows in Har hazofim=85 who was Chagall? A French Jewish painter

  21. What is Machane Yehuda famous for? The market

  22. Who was the Teddy Stadium named after? Teddy Kollek (mayor 1965 - 1993)

  23. What do you find at Malcha? A shopping mall

  24. What animal was displayed in many street corners of Jerusalem last year? A lion

  25. How many people live in Jerusalem? 370,000

  26. What tragedy happened in Versailles Hall? The floor collapsed in the middle of a wedding

  27. What are they currently building on the roads of Jerusalem? A light railway

  28. Who was Saladin? A Moslem leader at the time of the crusades

  29. Who was the first Jewish king to reign in Jerusalem? David

  30. Who built the first temple? Solomon

  31. Who built the second temple? Herod

  32. What was the Hebrew date of the destruction of both temples? 9th Av

  33. Who came first - the Greeks or the Romans?

  34. What were the Crusades? European Christians come to conquer Jerusalem 1000 years ago

  35. What happened to the Old City in 1948? captured by Arabs and cut off from the Jews

  36. Which year was the 6-day war? 1967

  37. Who is Ehud Olmert? The mayor of Jerusalem up to the February

  38. Who wrote the song "Jerusalem of Gold?" Naomi Shemer

  39. What 3 religions consider Jerusalem a holy City? Judaism, Christianity and Islam

  40. In which tribes' allocation is Jerusalem? Benjamin

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