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Chanukah-Hanukkah-Hanuka Links
dog 'n dreidel

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bullet Israeli Educational Sites in English
bullet ETNI Teacher Materials
bullet For Younger Children--lots to do!
  bullet Mega-sites: all kinds of resources
Mostly textual and stories

Israeli Educational Sites in English (for EFL)

bullet Amal website
Material for High School students about Hanukkah

bullet Chanuka on the Amit site.
The unit consists of fun activities, games, quizzes, recipes, links and more.

bullet Chanukkah on the J Site.
Many features for Chanukah including: Trivia Quiz, Clip Art, Coloring Book, Word Search Game, Hebrew Songbook

  ETNI Teacher Materials

bullet For the last lesson before Hanuka Break, a lesson plan by Michele Ben

bullet Lesson plans and materials on Miracles

bullet Hanukah Happening Thanks to Rananah Gold, Ruth Ophir and Shifra Slonim who are sharing this booklet of Hanukah activities--play, cut-out figures, interviews, murals, recipes--which they are using at Kaye College for their Hanukah happening.
Also: Downloadable Booklet for Hanukah Happening Be patient--takes awhile to download

bullet Hanukah Night's all right for lighting - 2 Shlock Rock songs: 'Hannukah Night's Alright for Lighting' ( an Elton John parody: Advanced level) and 'My Menorah' which is simply the words to Hanerot Hallalu to the tune of 'La Bamba' (any level!) and Barry's glossed version of 'Hannukah Night'.

bullet Hannukka Rap - - by Menachem Vinegrad

bullet Hanna Zelda - - Translation into English by Menachem Vinegrad's grade 10 class

For Younger Children--lots to do!

bullet Chanukah Clip Art
Our doggie, above, compliments of this site.

bullet Hanukkah from the Melton Together Series
A "written-to-be-read-aloud-together" real story of Hanukkah kit, with instructions, about the "real" story of more.

bullet Chanukah Recipes
Latkes, variations and more.

bullet Torah Tots Chanukah Fun and Games
Kids will be delighted with this hi-color presentation--make sure at least one set of speakers is on in your lab to hear the music as the page loads. (Load two pages a few minutes after each other, and you will have a medley:-))
A place to have Chanukah--and learning--fun.

bullet Billy Bears 4 kids Chanuka page
Great site for younger kids. With java dreidel games, template for personalized stationary, crafts


bullet Happy Chanukah Chabad
This site is still using last year's calendar, but has a story for each light.

bullet Chanukah The Festival of Lights on the same site has some additional activities

bullet Hanukah House
Game (java and non-java) for Hebrew words and pictures, some relating to Hanuka.

bullet Awesome Chanukah Cards

bullet Chanukah Blessings and Music
(in Real Audio Format)

bullet Hanukah 2000 features Hanukah party favors
A primarily commerical site--but kids may enjoy exploring just how many kinds of menor
ahs are there are.


Mega-sites: all kinds of resources

bullet Virtual Chanukah 2000
This Chabad-Lubavitch sites is chock full of information, activities, recipes, multi-media (video, slide shows, sound files). Check the site for the public lighting of the candles.

bullet Happy Chanukah
Home-made site with lots of color and graphics, stories and audio.

bullet Aish HaTorah's Chanukah Site
Lots of texts, but also songs, recipes, greeting cards and other activities

bullet Jewish World Review - Hanukah
In addition to articles, comedy and activities

bullet Hanukah - The Pedagogic Center of the Jewish Agency
Lots of stories, background information, and games and challenges for children (and adults) of all ages

bullet The Chanukah Menorah--Holidays on the Net
Real Audio/video lighting of the candles.
Mouse-over "Chanukah on the net" on the top menu for more activities.

bullet It's not your Father's Hannukah
All kinds of activities, books, stories, games, recipes. Check out the "Hannukah Around the World" link

Mostly textual and stories

bullet Jewish Heritage Online Magazine - Special Hannukah Edition
The new 2000 edition is on-line. Site offers lots of background, stories, also about Koslev and the winter solstice. Don't miss the story on the dreidl!

bullet OU.ORG's Celebration of Chanukah
Facts, stories, real audio files, and candle lighting in several languages.
Don't miss the lighting in sign language!

bullet Chanukah Gateway
Mostly text site with several articles.

bullet Torah From Dixie--Chanukah Articles
Mostly text articles

bullet Chanukah: Basic Concepts and Laws

bullet Ahavat Israel Chanukah
Text history and customs, with links.

bullet Judaism: Chanukkah
Mostly text, with some audio files of prayers and songs

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