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What is JELLY?
by Lynda Waxman

The 'what, when & where'....of the
JELLY Teachers' Libraries

Kids Read - would your students like to see their written work appear in print??

JELLY is a non-profit organization and a sub-committee of AACI. focused on supporting English teaching and learning.

For those new to ETNI - JELLY maintains two resource libraries which have both already been very busy this year. Books are flying out - fortunately new ones will also be flying in soon!

1) The Meyerhof Library at 3, Karl Neter St. Ramot Eshkol - right behind the Rene Cassin High School, has a collection of more than 3,000 simplified readers at all levels - in various size sets but many of 30 or more copies. It includes many popular recent titles.
The librarian is Adelina and library is open on Wednesdays 9.30am. - 6pm. tel. 02 5410777

2) The Baka Djanogly library collection is intended to enrich the studies of English speaking students and other high level learners. It has a wide range of levels from third grade to high school. Librarians; Lynda, Susan & Deborah. The library is open Sundays 10:00 am.- 3pm. and Tuesdays 12 - 6 pm. During these hours you can call directly to the Teachers' Library at 02-6711734. At other times call Lynda 02 6733410 and leave a message or email to: jellyaaci(at)gmail(dot)com

Membership conditions are the same at both libraries - the libraries are open to all English teachers in the greater Jerusalem area. The membership can be shared between the two libraries.
A subscription for the year is 50nis + an undated security deposit check of 100nis.This membership entitles you to borrow 40 books at a time and keep them for 12 weeks. Many sets have creative teaching materials and tapes to use with them. Returns to both libraries can be made during regular library hours. NB. You will receive a receipt for your subscription and most principals will compensate you for the expense.

Book lists are in the process of being updated with additional titles and larger sets. In the meanwhile have a look at the book lists that appear on the ETNI website:

Looking forward to meeting you in the libraries and showing you the collections.

JELLY is involved in a wide range of activities to encourage English including: drama workshops, story hours, library days etc.
Being English teachers we would especially like to draw your attention to:

JELLY has run several writing competitions for school students and we are planning a new high school competition for next spring. Be in contact for updates.

Originally a Jerusalem venture the project was extended to the whole country given the enthusiastic response of teachers. Kids Read is an annual collection of school students writing as a response to literature. Several hundred Israeli school students have already had the excitement of seeing their work in print see below for some examples.

Last year we had a launch party to present copies to many of the children whose work had been included and some read their work out loud. Given the excitement surrounding this event we are hoping to repeat this for the 5th Kids Read.

We hope you would like to participate in the Kids Read project. Please be in contact and we will send you all the details - just email to: jellyaaci(at)gmail(dot)com

Excerpts from previous Kids Read anthologies:

  1. JELLY Ramat Eshkol Teachers' Library, Class Sets of Graded Readers (stages) The Meyerhof Library, 3, Karl Netter, Ramot Eschol Librarian, Adelina tel. 5410777 Wednesdays 9.30am. - 6pm.

  2. JELLY Teachers' Library, Baka Class sets of authentic American & British children's literature for native English speakers The Djanogly Library, Baka Matnas, 3 Issachar St tel. 02 671 1734 Librarians; Lynda, Susan & Deborah Sun.; 10.00 am. - 3 pm. Tues; 12 am. - 6pm

    Further information email: jellyaaci(at)gmail(dot)com

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