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Starting Again
by Robin Eisner

There is a famous expression, 'in every life a little rain must fall…'

And there are many ways of dealing with the rain when it arrives – some people choose to stay indoors, others take an umbrella and continue on their way, and yet others get wet going outside. Some people love the rain, while others make a face at its arrival. The key here is choice.

When stress affects you, when the energy around you brings you down, how do you react? Our bodies automatically respond in a pre-programmed manner, as we have done most of our lives. But what if you could step outside of your life, as though watching someone else, and observe how you react to circumstances? What if you played the part of actor and audience at the same time? What if someone was filming you and then showed you how you respond? Do you like the rain when it comes, welcoming the change in your life, knowing that everything is for the best? Or has the change caused you to feel unhappy? After all you do not have any control over when the rain will come and therefore do you feel like a victim when you are not in control of the events in your life?

Do you hide inside yourself when change arrives, hoping it will eventually go away and then you choose to ignore it – as though it never happened, at least until the next rain falls?

Do you take up your protective umbrella and continue on your pathway, adapting to the changes gracefully? After all, if it is raining, that means that you do have the power to deal with it. And within your power you chose to do what you need to do with the extra help of your umbrella so as not to get wet.

Do you go out as you planned and get wet because you chose not to change and carry an umbrella? This stubborn attitude will surely get you wet.

Does the rainy change make you smile or frown?

And in the end it is all about choice. You can decide that rain is a blessing or a curse. Both are true, depending on your perspective. The key word here, is Your. You choose.

As we approach a new year this is an opportunity to make different choices. However, theory is not enough. Deciding to do something and actually implementing it are two diverse things, thus two words; deciding and doing. So the first step is choice. Choose to do things differently, react in another way, see things from a new perspective. Then start again.

Shana Tova

By Robin Eisner
Spiritual teacher and healer
Email: Robin167(at)netvision(dot)net(dot)il

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