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Teaching - in Six Words
by Naomi Epstein

Teaching is so complex, how can it be described in only 6 words? However, when "The ETNI RAG" asked teachers to describe what it means to be a teacher in only 6 words, the teachers of ETNI rose to the challenge! As you can see below, use of a limited number of words illuminated the different aspects of teaching in an amazing way.
Naomi Epstein
  • A never-ending search for inspiration. (Linda Yechiel)
  • Blazing new frontiers between young ears! (Roxana Haqq)
  • Easy if you have it easy. (Linda Yechiel)
  • Every day and class is different. (Elizabeth Karvonen)
  • Exhausted, always preparing, marking/checking work (Linda Kuras Mizrahi)
  • Gathering material never to be used. (Dorian Cohen)
  • Helping others to achieve their goals. (Linda Yechiel)
  • Indescribable satisfaction meeting seemingly impossible challenges. (Lois Grabin)
  • Never a dull moment in teaching. (Elizabeth Karvonen)
  • Nurture and impart knowledge, always learning. (sara g in Israel)
  • Preparation's a drag, teaching well-prepared - fantastic! (Judy Granit)
  • Rewarding? Sometimes. Difficult? Yes, yes, yes! (Dorian Cohen)
  • Some days make it all worthwhile (Naomi Epstein)
  • Teaching: a calling stimulating creative thinking (Nita Reuger)
  • Teaching - the job where learning never ends (Ellen Paz)
  • Teaching - the only way to stay young (Ellen Paz)
  • Teaching: totally amazing and absolutely frustrating. (Hedy Gertler)
  • Teaching twenty years and still learning. (Elizabeth Karvonen)
  • Thirty hours needed in one day. (Linda Yechiel)

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