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List of Abstracts

Education Technology Gives Teachers a Wider Reach by Mark Cruthers
What if technology allowed you to teach or learn anytime anywhere? What if preparation of teaching or learning notes became a simple download activity from a repository or just an enhancement of existing content? What if the student could put forth his queries without any hesitation to his teacher and the teacher could pace the learning accordingly? How does receiving instant help from someone who is doing or has worked on something similar to what you are doing sound to you? Ubiquitous connectivity in today’s world brings these benefits to an online teacher or a student.

My Personal Educational Philosophy Statement by Nellie Deutsch
My love of education and learning never ends. My after school activities also deal with education but on a deeper level as I collaborate with other educators worldwide. In this article, I would like to reflect and discuss my personal educational philosophy of learning and instruction as a way to enhance my personal and professional developments.

Birds and the English Teacher by Naomi Epstein
When I registered recently for a bird watching course, the secretary handed me a form to fill out. "Ask for a Gmul" she advised. It sounded simple enough until I began to fill out the form.

Teaching - in Six Words by Naomi Epstein
Teaching is so complex, how can it be described in only 6 words? However, when "The ETNI RAG" asked teachers to describe what it means to be a teacher in only 6 words, the teachers of ETNI rose to the challenge! As you can see below, use of a limited number of words illuminated the different aspects of teaching in an amazing way.

Implementing Performance-Based-Assessment in the EFL Classroom by Irit Ferman
The purpose of this article is to suggest the basic steps that you, the EFL teacher, can take to design and implement effective performance-based assessments in the EFL classroom.

Shining On! by Michael McVey
During a visit by teachers from a distant land, a veteran teacher is reminded of the first words he teaches his ESL students.

Using Ning in a University EFL Classroom by Doris Molero de Martins
How to engage and motivate EFL/ESL learners in projects and in collaborating worldwide by means of a social network called "ning".

Power of the Song - the "Folk Process" by Laurie Ornstein
This month we commemorate the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s death. Dr. King was the young and dynamic leader of the American Civil Rights Movement and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Growing up in the 50's and 60's in the United States, his name and the struggle he led were often the topic of dinner conversation. Television brought him into our living room.

Reflection Journals: Teaching Pupils Self-Assessment by Aviva Shapiro
Over the past years as an English teacher to both junior and senior high school pupils I have experimented with different ideas and ways to get my pupils thinking and reflecting on their learning. One reason I wanted to do this was to overcome the obstacle of students yelling at me , ""Why did you give me this grade !!!" I wanted to encourage them to understand the role they play in the learning process and the grade they got was not given but earned! At some point in my teaching career of 23 years , I came to understand that teaching must be a joint process. It is simply not enough for the teacher to prepare lessons, and impart them to passive, docile students. In order to progress in the subject being taught all the students in the class, must play a part.

One Chance in a Million (or so) - You'll Find the Right One! by Ann Shlapobersky
Many sites on the Internet are either not appropriate for the our students language level or too childish. Searching for sites our students can use can be time consuming. In this article I provide a list of sites and ways teachers can find sites students can use and enjoy reading.

Good Names by Barry Silverberg
In many cultures the giving of names to children is of major significance, as the name helps define the person. If anyone ever visits Earthsea, you will find it especially true there. Earthsea may exist only in fantasy, but, have you read a newspaper lately? Anyway the article lists several grotesque examples of real life name=life calling correspondences that the author really came across while working as an English Teacher in Kiriat Shmona. And I don't even mention my latest find:Gino Underwear, a shop on Herzl St in Haifa.

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