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JELLY - Jerusalem English Language Library for Youth
J.E.L.L.Y. established the following two libraries in Jerusalem as resource especially for English teachers.

  1. The JELLY Teachers' Library, Baka in the Djanolgy Library.
    A collection of award winning English and American books for grades 2-11. The books in this collection are geared for native speakers, high level students and those preparing for a 5-point bagrut.
    The class sets have 5 to 120 books and many of them have creative teaching materials and tapes to use with them. Sets can be checked out for 12 weeks. Returns can be made whenever the library is open. Up to 40 books can be borrowed. Teachers living outside of Jerusalem can join the library on the discretion of the librarian.
    See the Baka book list

  2. The JELLY Teachers' Library, Ramat Eshkol in the Meyerhof library.
    The JELLY Teachers' Library offers a wide variety of readers at all levels; Young Readers, Middle & High school. We are flexible about how you put together your choice together - allowing for a whole class set, small groups or individual choices. You can borrow up to 35 books and any matching CDs. or cassettes and available teaching material.
    See the Ramat Eshkol book list

Contact details:

  1. JELLY Teachers' Library, Baka
    Class sets of authentic American & British children's literature for native English speakers.
    The Djanolgy Library, Baka Matnas, 3 Issachar St. Baka, Jerusalem
    Tel. 02 671 1734
    Sundays 10am - 3pm
    Tuesdays 1- 6pm.
    For more information email or call
    Deborah Lionarons 02 6718514

  2. JELLY Ramat Eshkol Teachers' Library
    Class Sets of Graded Readers (stages)
    The Meyerhof Library, 3, Karl Netter, Ramot Eschol
    Librarian, Adelina tel. 02-5874984
    Wednesdays 9.30am - 5pm
    Further information email

N.B. Teachers who live outside Jerusalem may join the JELLY libraries on the discretion of the librarian and on condition of depositing a cheque to value of a set of books. Membership of one library entitles borrowing books from the other.

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